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In addition to world-class accommodations facilities, a wealth of recreation and exceptional dining, the Bravura Gold Resort hosts an array of Entertainment and Festival Events to cater the needs of guest. Let us entertain you at Bravura Gold Resort throughout the Year with world class facilities and services. We organize events like -

  • Christmas / New Year Party
  • Festival Events like (Diwali, Holi)
  • DJ Nights
  • Gazal Nights
  • Orchestra Party
  • Musical Show
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To know more details about Festival Events at Bravura Gold Resort, kindly send us your request using our Enquiry Form and we will contact you at your convenience. Alternatively, you can also email us directly at reservations@bravuraresort.com or call us at +91-121-7196655, +91-8191079998, 8191900048.
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Lovely hotel, great - great food and warm staff. I loved the garden my room opened into heaven ...

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